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pigeon netting, pigeon spikes Norfolk
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Bird spikes for solar panels 

With the increase in popularity of solar panels on residential and commercial properties, PSEM have experienced a rise in inquiries for solar panel bird proofing. 
Solar panels offer pigeons a perfect home, warm and sheltered from the weather. 
Soon the pigeons will leave their dirt and faeces on and around the solar panels, presenting not only a health risk to your family or employees - pigeon faeces is known to be a carrier of at least three diseases cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis and psittacosis - but as the pigeon mess covers the solar panel, it will reduce the output efficiency. If left the highly acidic pigeon droppings could cause further damage to the solar panel. 
Incorrect installation of pigeon spikes or mesh can invalidate some solar panel warranties. PSEM use only Defenderâ„¢ Bird Solar Panel Spikes, these bird spikes were designed to ensure the warranty of your solar panel is not invalidated. 

British made bird spikes 

Our technicians only use high quality bird spikes, that are made in the UK and include a 25-Year "No Rust" Warranty. 
Solar panel pigeon nesting problems: 
Health risk - carriers of 3 known diseases 
Output reduction - solar panel facing covered in pigeon mess 
Damage to solar panel - highly acidic bird droppings 
Are pigeons damaging to your solar panel investment? - Act today call PSEM 07968 105 966 or BOOK ONLINE today! 
The PSEM Solution 
An experienced technician will visit to carry out a site survey. 
From this we will provide a quote, health and safety assessment and schedule of works. 
Works include: 
Bird spike installation - Spikes, constructed from high quality materials, 304 grade stainless steel and the base is manufactured from UV stabilized poly-carbonate that can withstand extremes of temperature and all types of weather. It will not become brittle, even in direct sunlight. 
Removal of pigeon nests and debris from your solar panels. 
Thorough clean of solar panels and surrounding guttering. 
pigeon netting norfolk

Effective Bird Control With Bird Netting 

Controlling bird access to property and premises can be done using a variety of methods. An effective way of isolating a large area is netting. Netting will prevent unwanted pigeon and bird nesting, roosting and the inevitable build up of guano, which, due to the health issues can be a costly problem to remove and control. 
PSEM Pest Control are experts in assessing and installing appropriate pigeon control and management solutions, including bird netting and bird spike installations. We have worked with businesses and organisations Nationally for examples of our work please see our casestudies. 

Effective Bird Control With Bird Spikes 

Pigeon spikes offers proofing to a specific ledge or areas such as window sills, cornices or pipes. Controlling bird access with bird spiking is a cost effective solution to prevent the ability for birds to land wherever they are installed.  
The spikes do not harm the birds. The spikes simply make it uncomfortable for the bird to land, causing it to move on to an easier roosting or nesting site. Bird spikes are a popular deterrent in town and city centres and also on the coast, helping to reduce the numbers of birds congregating which in turn helps keep them from causing a nuisance to the public. 

Pigeon Waste Removal 

As pigeon waste usually contains health risks through its injurious diseases or flea content, PSEM pre treats the pigeon waste to reduce the risks before removal, and then treats the cleared area for further health risk reduction. 
solar panel bird spikes norfolk
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