Pest control Norwich Norfolk
With the warmer weather comes the wasps! 
Nests treated for £50.00 
Call - 07968 105 966 
Pest control Norwich Norfolk
With the warmer weather 
comes the wasps! 
Nests treated for £50.00  
Rat mice rodent control in Norwich Norfolk
Pigeon control Norwich Norfolk
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Testimonials for PSEM Pest control and property maintenance
PSEM are an independent, well-established family run company based South of Norwich.  
We cover Norwich, Thetford, Bury St Edmunds, Diss and surrounding towns and villages.  
We offer a quick, reliable service, with no call out fees. 

Wasp nest treated quickly at a time convenient to you 

We have to admit the wasp nest is an incredible feat of engineering, it almost looks alien when you see one. The one in this picture is relatively small, by the end of the summer it could be 4 times this size. Wasp nests are best treated early in the summer before the wasp numbers increase and they become more aggressive. 
If you suspect you have a wasp nest in your garden or property, it is advisable to get it treated quickly to resolve the issue. We would not advise you touch it or try to dispose of it yourself as wasps can be unpredictable and can quickly become aggressive when they feel their nest is threatened. 
Our experienced pest controllers are RSPH Certified and fully trained to survey the site and approach the treatment of the nest quickly and safely for you. 
Don't delay, call us today! - 07968 105 966 

Have you seen or heard new rodent activity? Rats or mice we have it covered! 

It has been reported that the recent high rainfall has forced thousands of rats above ground, compounded with colder temperatures rats and mice are seeking a warmer place to live. This could be your shed, garage your home or business property, even your car!  
We had a recent call from an alarmed customer, who had spotted this rodent whist driving! She stopped to take this picture, proceeded to get out of the car to shew the rodent away, but it ran into her car. Amazingly she drove the car, with rodent, for a further 3 days before seeking assistance from us to remove it. 
Rodents spread disease and can quickly cause extensive damage, chewing through timber and wires.  
Pest Control Norfolk 
Our experienced pest control and pest management technicians are ready to offer advice, treatment, and prevention services. We strive to respond to inquiries within two hours, delivering friendly and professional service while ensuring due diligence at all times. During extermination and removal services, we also implement measures to prevent future infestations and provide guidance on how to avoid recurring problems. 
Pigeon Control Norfolk 
With over 30 years experience in bird control PSEM technicians will effectively install the appropriate solution to your pigeon or gull problem. An increase in solar panel installations has provided new nesting areas for birds, PSEM use specialist bird spikes for solar panels, that do not invalidate the solar panel warranty, get in touch for more details. 
Our pest control services are available for industrial, commercial and residential premises. We will provide you with a no obligation quote based on your exact requirements, ensuring you never pay more than you need to.  
Much of our new business comes from referrals from happy customers who are only too pleased to recommend our services. 
Book an appointment with one of our qualified technicians 
If you would like to speak to one of our Pest Control experts, simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss any requirements you may have. 
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